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Hello and welcome to the Chelsea News podcast. I'm your host, Jack. And today's episode, we're going to kind of be doing a summer roundup of sorts in respects that kind of we've got to look at everything that's been going on at Chelsea as of late, review all the goings and all of the many outgoings that have happened this summer.
There's definitely been plenty of outgoings you talk about, and I'll try and cover as many of them as I can in this video. First of all, we got to talk about the big ones. We got to look well. Kai Havertz is another Mason mount. I think they're probably the biggest and most notable departures from Chelsea as of late.

And I think that possibly they're two of the kind of biggest signs of change between the two ownership groups. I think that they were both very much very big Roman Abramovich era players and under the new regime, and they're being phased out for more data. That approach, which has been kind of pioneered by the clubs in the Premier League such as Liverpool, Brentford, Brighton and so far I think it seems to be working.
We've brought in all of these exciting young players and yeah, who knows? I think that this could be extremely interesting for Chelsea going forward and with the amount of money they brought in each of them, I think that we could do good things. I mean, should we look at the players that we could buy for that fee is ridiculous.

I mean, in the current market, what a name. I would go for maybe 40 or 50 million because you don't want him to be like on their books forever, which by name offer less than what we sold Mason Mount for. If that doesn't speak volumes as to how good of a deal with his, I think nothing. Well, Havertz has always been a player.
This shown signs of brilliance, but he's never been able to reach that kind of top like that top performance. He never hit the heights that we expect of him at Chelsea. I mean, he's always been a good player and he's always done a job at Chelsea, but he's never been like the best player in the world. Like we kind of expected of him back in back in his Leverkusen days when he was kind of seen as the next big thing when Chelsea were having to compete with Real Madrid for signature when he was like the man when even in Germany.

I remember watching him over lockdown and thinking he's going to be a hell of a player. He's going to be absolutely amazing and tear up the Premier League. But alas, it never was. I mean, I certainly think there's more to come from him and I think the Arsenal should Mikel Arteta give like an amazing kind of position to him if they give him the opportunity to be that kind of dele Alli shadow striker role in that Arsenal team, almost kind of where Odegaard occupies to a degree, I think that he can flourish.

I think as a back up for odegaard perhaps as like a number eight, sometimes I think he could do well. I think he would flourish in that system, but without being there, I don't know as to how much game time he'll get, so I'm not really sure how good of a signing this is for Arsenal on the whole, but I guess we'll see.

I mean, he's certainly a good player and Arsenal are buying a lot of potential. I think he's only 24 now, but he's done so much in his career and I can genuine him more to come. It hurts as someone that so like ferociously defended Kai Havertz in the past. I think it hurts to see him go to one of our biggest rivals.

He was our guy. He was the player that scored the winning goal in the Champions League final. He was either a he kind of, for me encapsulated a lot to do with that Roman Abramovich regime in terms of he wasn't necessarily brought in because of a data led approach. He wasn't brought in for any of those reasons. He was just kind of there was all of this talk about Roman Abramovich.

He wanted to he likes Kai Havertz, so he brought him in. It was almost like what he did with Eden Hazard at the time in terms of Roman Abramovich likes this player, so he's got to come in and it was almost kind of on his head more than anything. And I don't necessarily think you get that now. I think the Chelsea scouting team's been really, really good in terms of picking up random players from the middle of nowhere and giving them a chance, giving them loans across the world.

Like who would have known players like Andre Santos or Kendrick Pires or Cesar Cassidy or players like that before they joined Chelsea? And kind of it's a big shift from the two regimes, like reportedly when Todd Boli and all of his co-owners came in, they were like disgusted that this there was no real kind of transfer, no real transfer team at Chelsea.

And I mean, I don't know, it was a it was a big change. And I think it's good, too. It's good to see that kind of change in that development between the two styles. But it just marked a really big change for me. And it's not really what I wanted to see happen as such a big Havertz fan.

Boy, I could have seen him doing well. I could have seen him flourishing and performing to potentially a really high standard in the future. He certainly has the Ballon d'Or potential for me, but I don't necessarily know as to whether he'll ever unlock it in my eyes anyway. 65 million for Havertz represents a good deal. I mean, it's a complete we get whatever we paid by Leverkusen, we get it back.

Plus he's been here for three years now. He joined in 2020 over the lockdown period and I'm not really sure. I think he's represented good value for money to a degree. I mean, to some degree. I think that as soon as he scored that Champions League winning goal, I think his transfer fee was already pretty much written off as a good deal to a certain extent.
I mean, you can't really put a price on a Champions League win. You can't put a price in the moments that he's made. But I don't think those moments have been as consistent as I would like. I think that he's certainly been a good player at Chelsea at times, but in others he's been really inconsistent. And as a striker he's been somewhat poor in front of goal.

I think certainly we could see him a better havertz at, but of course we see a better havertz arsenal, almost akin to the one that we saw at Bayer Leverkusen. But I'm not all too sure as to whether we will see that because of the inconsistencies in where he's played, how he's played, and how much he has played, if I'm honest.

Because if I'm looking at Arsenal, I don't necessarily see him as a direct replacement. I don't see him as a direct cover for Hasan. I don't see him as a direct cover for Odegaard. I mean, to some degree he's become a jack of all trades, master of none, and that's kind of disappointing for a player that was so, so good.

But I don't think teams are employing the role that he wants to be playing in kind of just off of the striker. And I mean, if they do, they've already got like a world class amazing player already in that position. And I think that's kind of the case with Arsenal. They're kind of in a weird balance between the two in that arsenal.

Yes, they have that almost that kind of position with Odegaard Odegaard kind of. He's unique in the way that he he occupies pockets and positions and everything like that, but not really sure. I think that certainly it be kind of interesting to see how he gets on, but I'm not really too sure as to how he will get on in terms of I could see this going sideways massively for Arsenal.

I think this could be another Nicolas Pepe signing and it doesn't really kind of fill you with confidence when like in the MLS had his involves challenge he puts up like he's the first player to ever get zero goals or zero points in the MLS had a volley challenge I know that. Yes, he did. Then score a volley in his first game for Arsenal in pre-season.

But if I'm honest, does that really mean anything? Are we thinking that Ian Madsen is going to score two goals a game? No, it's just the level of competition and the fact that no one's really trying all too much in pre-season. If I'm being brutally honest. I mean it's amazing when Chelsea go around and beat Wrexham five nil and we draw with Newcastle and we beat Brighton and all of that, but realistically it means nothing.

I mean pre-season is pre-season, we're not going to start with Basheer Humphreys at Center back, We're not going to start hopefully with good career left back anymore because Cook arrives. Absolutely dreadful in the game against Newcastle. I think we would have beaten them should Chelsea have not had Cucurella on the pitch. I think perhaps someone like Ian Martin or Chilwell?

Definitely. If Joel is fit, Joel should be starting, but Ian Martin is the best deputy we could ask for. I think he's exactly the right profile that we should be looking at and he's got the best left back in the world to learn off of. And so, yeah, it'll be interesting to see this next coming season for Chelsea and the Posh and I whisper it quietly.

I could see a title challenge coming. I'm not really too sure as to Arsenal or Liverpool, maybe even Manchester United this year. I think Manchester United will scrape Champions League, but I can see drop offs from lots of the clubs in that top four, possibly especially Newcastle. I could see Newcastle coming like six or something as they've been focused on trying to progress in the Champions League.

It'd be interesting to see how they get on obviously with them having to try and prioritize like qualifying for Champions League again to be able to bring in those players or have they try and go deep into the Champions League knowing that they won't really have the facilities to win it purely because there's prize money in there and that allows them to compete with the bigger clubs and say we were in the Champions League as well as easing the pressure and the burden that is FFP for them.
Mason Mount obviously. Yes, he's another he was a big player for Chelsea in the Champions League run in 2021 in which we won it. But if I'm honest, I'm not really too sure as to where he would have fit in in Chelsea anyway, under POTCH, obviously he could fit in somewhere in the 43 one. Is that kind of attacking midfielder.

Perhaps he could deputize for Christopher Nkunku or something, who really knows, If I'm honest, we won't need to know now. But I couldn't see a place for him in Chelsea strongest. 11 lots. People are saying, Oh, he was Chelsea's best player, He did this and this and this. And he was good when he was. He was good when he was younger.

He just had an off season, even a peak Mason Mount. I don't think he gets into this current Chelsea team. I don't think he's better than and I don't think that Mason Mount is better than Mikala Modric could be. I don't think he's better than what Christopher Nkunku could be. I don't see anywhere where he could play, if I'm honest, unless you're plugging him in like the I guess you could say you could put him in the two next to Enzo, but I don't necessarily think that he would do all too well from that.

You can't put him on the wing because he's just useless from the wing, as we've seen. I'm not really too sure as to whether there's actually a place for him, if I'm being quite honest. I think that he's he's a good player, but I think most of the love for him comes from him being a Cobham Academy graduate and him being like the guy that kind of was supposed to be the next captain for Chelsea.

He always spoke one of the club. He spoke like a proper captain. And I don't know, I just hope that the same doesn't happen with Reece James. I think Reece James what we expect to be the next Chelsea captain after this season, I guess with Thiago Silva being the captain of Chelsea at 38 with Cesar Azpilicueta leaving. And yeah, it's just kind of it's just kind of looking at it.

We were more emotionally tied to him than we were tied to him in terms of a footballing sense. I think that he could have been a good player for Chelsea perhaps, but I don't necessarily see all too many ways for him to get in the team under Posh, if I'm being quite honest. There's been lots of other in goings outgoings.

We've sold a lot of our deadwood. I think those two players don't necessarily count for me as Deadwood, if I'm being quite honest. I think that Mason Mount and Kai Havertz were good players and ones that could kind of drift in and out of the team. But in terms of Deadwood, so to speak, I'm talking about the ones that wouldn't have got anywhere near the team, the ones that Saudi Arabia have taken off of us.

I'm talking about the Etoile Mendis, I'm talking about the and the Kalidou Koulibaly. So I'm talking about players like that. I mean, and I need to see more of those kind of players go, I'd like to see us leave. I love Ziyech as a player, but he can't get in the team. He won't get anywhere near Chelsea and I don't really want him to.

I think he's definitely got the talent too, but I'm not too sure as to whether he actually will. I mean, if you look at his Iax days, he was probably the one of the best players in europe and it was kind of it was strange that no one went for him like kind of an Anthony and it was surprised that we got him for so cheap.

But we're starting to see why to a degree in terms of he looked so promising. He put up those numbers and he was so, so technically good, but he just wasn't like he wasn't enough. He's never shown it properly in a Chelsea shirt. We've seen moments. We saw him against Tottenham. We've seen him show it in flashes in a blue shirt, but we've never truly seen Hakim Ziyech show us what he can do on a football pitch.

I think that perhaps he's one of the most talented players Chelsea you've ever had. I think certainly you can be brought up in a conversation in terms of talent with almost anyone nowadays. I think perhaps he's one of the most talented we've had in recent times. I wouldn't necessarily put him on the same level in terms of talent as Eden Hazard, but I would say that he's up there kind of a level above most of the players nowadays.

I think he's got renowned low level talent, but he just doesn't show it. And it's such a crying shame because he's so, so good on his day. But I don't know. I mean, it'll be interesting to see where he goes, whether that be Saudi Arabia, whether that be a club in Italy that's reportedly wanting him. There was a rumor that he failed a medical in Saudi Arabia.

Now they're offering him less in terms of wages. And yeah, I'm not really sure what's happening with him now, but I should think he will get shifted in terms of getting him off the book and his wages off the books. And I think we get a tidy, respectable transfer fee for him in the region of like 12 million.

As for the other players that have left, I think we've got and Kalidou Koulibaly, he's left for somewhere in the region of 20 million. I mean, we've kind of recouped our money for him. We've lost a lot in wages, but it's good to kind of cut it before it's like gets worse. I guess you've got to just take the financial hit now because he didn't show that he could do any better in a Chelsea shirt and than kind of he has done he was patchy.

He was okay. But I think he was too old when we bought him. And now just by selling him to Saudi Arabia, it's a way to rectify our mistakes in a certain level. I mean, Kalidou Koulibaly, he was he showed all of the promise that you could want when he was at Napoli. I mean, he was like the defender in Europe for years.

He was the ball playing center back. He was the big he was the big good defensively, good player from the back. He was always put in conversations with van Dijk, but he just never showed it in a Chelsea shirt. I mean, it's sad to see, but I know it is what it is. I mean, I'm not going to miss him all too much as Fred Wall.

Mendy was kind of somewhat tied to him in terms of he was such a good player, but I don't necessarily think he would have had any look in under portraits. You know, there's been rumors about what Coutinho's not satisfied with Kepa's distribution, let alone imagine what it would have been like with Etoile. Mendy That would've been absolutely ridiculous.

I mean, if you look at him, Edouard, Mendy is a great shot stopper and he won't make the absolute clangers that Kepa will. But with a modern day goalkeeper nowadays you want to be playing out from the back to generate those high energy chances. And I really don't think that a player like Edouard Mendy can do that. I think he's very, very like David de Hair in the modern game.

How and how Manchester United are trying to move away from him being their kind of their goalkeeper and shifting to shifting to Anana is kind of it shows that there's got to be a shift if you want to move into this attacking free flowing possession football and it hurts because he came in and we thought he was the guy.

He won the Champions League. We thought he was the one that solved our goalkeeping problems. We thought he was the answer to the Kepa issue and I don't know Kepa's become less of an issue. He's making less mistakes, but he is still prone to an error every so often. And that's not really what you want in your goalkeeper.

You kind of you kind of fear for the worst when you've got a strangle and that's not what you want. You want to have like a kind of trust in your goalkeeper that he will be he he will like save you and he won't make the mistakes. But you don't necessarily have that in Kepa. But he could he's good with his feet.

And I think that's really all that matters to Potter. Tino And looking down the list of who's left, you've got Mateo Kovacic moving to Man City have one year left on his deal and 30 million for him. I think it fair if I'm being honest, I don't think there are too many suitors for him. He wanted to go to Manchester City he didn't kick up a fuss.

Yeah he was certainly a good signing for Chelsea from Real Madrid all that time ago, I think for 40 million. So we're only taking a 10 million loss on him over, what was it, Four years must have been at least four, maybe five and five years with Kovacic in midfield. He's been a good player, but he's 29. You have one year left on his contract, £29.1 million for him.

That's okay. I mean, he'll do well at that Manchester City system. I can definitely say that for sure, but it's sad to see him go. He's been such a good player for Chelsea and yeah, we needed some experience in midfield, but it's sad to see him go. This video is getting rather long, I must say, so I'm going to try and end it here.

I know there are other players that have left, like Christian Pulisic, Ruben Loftus-Cheek Kante is a big one. I've mentioned him or Ashley, but you can kind of guess the overall tone with all of them. Kante Big loss, but injury prone. I've talked about this a lot of times in other podcasts. I think that he's he's been such a good player on his day.

But I think with injuries that days behind him, I think that Ruben Loftus-Cheek injuries killed his career. He was so promising and he could have been so, so good. Like under Maurizio Sarri, he looked like he was going to be the guy. But I don't know. It's a shame to see him leave us to go to AC Milan.

I think 60 million represents a good deal for both Paul and of the deal. I mean 60 million for Chelsea. He wasn't the start for us. He was kind of a reserve utility player. But I don't know. I think he's probably going to be better suited out in AC Milan. Should we play more in a kind of fixed position?

He gives them a threat if he can rebuild that career over there, then he's going to be an absolute bargain for 60 million. But if he doesn't do badly, then for AC Milan, it's only 60 million. I get the money's different over there. In terms of all the money. He's focused in the Premier League, but I'm not really too sure that 16 million on a Chelsea player would be too bad of a deal for them, especially a player like Ruben Loftus-Cheek, who can honestly be absolutely amazing.

Azpilicueta This is the hardest hitting one. All Chelsea captain has left us to go to left us to go to Athletico Madrid on a free transfer. Sad to see him go, but understand why he has to. I mean, certainly he's such a good player in the first couple. Well, up until probably last season, you could rely on him to give you a seven out of ten performance every game.

And for absolutely bargain transfer vote, we got a man for £7 million. You would do that any day. That's probably one of if not the best transfer in Premier League history. He's won everything at Chelsea. He's won almost everything as a Chelsea captain. And he's been that guy for Chelsea. He's been so, so important for us and it's a shame to see him go.

Anyway, I've got to wrap this up now. There have been other people, but I'm not going to go into them now because they're just nothing players. No one really cares too much about any other ones. For us, it's the only other one. I'm not going to go into that too much. Everyone's heard me talking about research on this Channel four.

I don't necessarily think there's anything too important on here. I'll talk about the Incomings another day. Thank you for listening to the Chelsea News podcast with me, your host Jack, and if you enjoyed it, please like it and Subscribe. It takes me a lot of time to make these, to edit them, to get all of these onto YouTube and yeah, any interactions that would help me in the YouTube algorithm would be much appreciated.

Thank you for listening and goodbye.

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