Champions League prediction for 2021-Can Chelsea retain their title?
Hello and welcome to Chelsea News with me your host Jack. In todays episode we will be talking about The champions league prediction, and more specifically, whether or not Chelsea can retain their Champions League title.
Put quite simply, I believe that Chelsea have the ability to win the Champions League once again. But whether they will or not is another argument. Last season, Chelsea were great in the Champions League, and in truth, that is just a glimpse of the true potential of this squad. This team has the potential ability to win every award possible, with a unique blend of older, more experienced players, and younger players who have a lot more to grow and prosper. This squad has the ability to win the Champions League once again, but it honestly depends on whether the team can gel. Players such as Saul, who are on the periphery right now, if they can settle in, can become vital Champions League players like he was at Atletico Madrid.
Another challenge is to get Romelu Lukaku firing again. These aforementioned problems are ones for the Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel, but there are ones for the players too. The players need to perform to the best of each of their individual abilities, a basic requirement for them, which I think they have met so far. This needs to continue. The newer players also need to improve their chemistry with the rest of the squad. Most specifically, we as Chelsea fans, generally want to see Romelu Lukaku and Timo Werner play together. I believe this has only happened once. The chemistry between those two need to improve.
Another thing that must happen for Chelsea to win the champions league is Lukaku must properly communicate how he wants to play specifically to manager Thomas Tuchel. He has said to the general media that he doesn’t fully know how to use Lukaku and how he wants to learn how to use him through training. Lukaku must fully communicate how to get the best out of im as a player to Tuchel and not simply say that he doesn’t want to be used as a target man.
I believe wholeheartedly that if Chelsea can solve these problems then they can easily win the Champions League, Premier League and any trophies they participate in.
Anyways that’s all for today, thanks for listening, don’t forget to tune in next time if you enjoyed. I’ve been Jack Rigby, thanks for listening!

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