Chelsea could sign Erling Haaland in Summer 2022?
Hello and welcome to Chelsea news with me your host Jack. In todays episode we will be talking about the possibility of Chelsea football club signing Borussia Dortmund striker Erling Haaland.
Haaland was one of the main targets for Chelsea in the last summer transfer window, with Chelsea ultimately signing Lukaku due to not being able to pay his extortionate transfer fee and wages. In this summer window though, his transfer fee will fall to only 60 million euros, an absolute bargain for someone at his level and his age.
Thomas Tuchel has talked about putting two world class strikers together in Romelu Lukaku and Erling Haaland in his starting line-up. His words were “Sign Haaland with Lukaku? I’ve no problem to talk about that. Let us see what will happen next weeks” If Chelsea were to sign the Norwegian man, then their strike force would be deadly to say the least. The two outstanding stikers of the last couple of years, playing together, with Lukaku teaching Haaland how to refine his game, Chelsea would be unstoppable. With Erling Haaland, there is the air of a robot, the air of someone who can score goals regardless of where he goes. He seemingly has a robotic sense of where the goal is.
Combine that with Lukaku, finally able to drop deep in his favoured position, whilst Haaland gets forward, Chelsea would be able to tear any team apart by 5 goals or more. And lets not forget that whilst that is happening, we would still have the same sublime defence that conceded no goals in the Champions League knockout stages. Chelsea would be by far and away the greatest team on the planet, not conceding any and scoring several goals per game.
But why would Haaland join Chelsea? He has a whole raft of clubs willing to sign him. His 60 million pound release clause has every club in Europe chomping at the bit to sign him. He’ll have every major club in Europe chasing after his signature, with clubs such as PSG and Manchester city set to compete for his signature. So why join Chelsea? Provided Chelsea can go the distance in the Champions League and win the competition, then that would be an alluring prospect for any player. If they don’t win the Champions League, then surely the prospect of playing for a team of such a great quality, an linking up with goal machine Romelu Lukaku would be a great opportunity.
Another reason why is that he knows that Chelsea value him a lot higher than every club in Europe. Lets not forget that Chelsea were heavily linked to him last summer, and he was seemingly set on a transfer to Chelsea if Dortmund had lowered their price. Now, surely Chelsea must be an even more enticing opportunity with Romelu Lukaku alongside him. You can never know, they may potentially be a more potent strike force that the likes of MSN with the amazing service behind them.
What do you think? Should Chelsea get Lukaku? How do you think he could fit into the team?
Anyways that is all for today, thanks for listening to the Chelsea News Podcast with me your host Jack, goodbye!

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