Chelsea Leading the race for Erling Haaland
Hello and welcome to the Chelsea News Podcast with me your host Jack Rigby and in today’s episode we will be talking about Chelsea leading the race for Erling Haaland?
Right now, Chelsea Football club are leading the race for Borussia Dortmund Striker Erling Haaland. I spoke briefly on this before, but Tuchel has spoken on Chelsea looking at bringing in Erling Haaland to play alongside Romelu Lukaku.
It seems now that Chelsea are the favourites to sign the Norwegian man. Really, if you think about it, which other teams would really be as interested as Chelsea in him that he would also want to join. I'm going to go through all of the different teams that could rival Chelsea for his signature and go through the reasons why Haaland may want to join them and compare them to Chelsea Football club. Obviously I’m not including Chelsea in this as I’ve just done a whole episode about why I think Chelsea should sign him.
First of all, the other main club that Haaland has been linked to is Real Madrid. Madrid are set to start a new rebuilding project, trying to sign both Mbappe and Haaland this summer. They would make an amazing frontline, but the main concern with Real Madrid would be that of the finances. The last I heard of it all, Real Madrid were close to half a billion euros in debt. Maybe they paid all that off, but after the coronavirus pandemic, they must surely be in a precarious position financially. Would Haaland really want to play in an aging team, with a shaky backline at best, whilst not being the star man? I sincerely doubt that. Due to Ramos and Varane leaving, and the likes of Modric and Kroos well past their best, I believe that that squad without Mbappe is on a similar par to the one he is in at Borrusia Dortmund. Unless he really wants to play next to Mbappe, it seems like a sideways move in my eyes.
Next up is Manchester City. The Saudi owned Premier League winning machine. If he were to go there, he would score a lot of goals and they could potentially push for the Champions League trophy. But there are some major doubt over whether he could fit in to the Manchester City side’s style of play. Guardiola is a massive advocate for Tiki taka play, something that Haaland isn’t particularly used to. He is a pure goalscorer, and he isn’t a Guardiola player. There is the romanticism  of his father having played there, but I believe that Harry Kane is the player built for Manchester City, and I think that they will focus everything into signing him in the summer, and by that point, Haaland will have already signed elsewhere.
Now for the final conclusion in today’s episode is City’s cross city rivals Manchester United. There are people saying that he wants to go to Manchester United to play under his former Molde manager Ole Gunnar Solskajer. But I believe that he wouldn’t go to a club like Manchester United if the only reason he is going is to play under a second rate manager in Solskajer. I don’t think that he will be the Manchester United manager by the end of that season, as well as United also being hampered by the financial drain on resources that is Ronaldo. I think that Ronaldo’s salary is too high to bring in another superstar, as well as one of the main things with Ronaldo being that he refuses to take being on the bench for an answer. And that is what will happen if Haaland comes in. I doubt that Haaland will also want to play in a team with a very leaky defence and a very defensively naïve midfield. United have too many attackers and not enough players for other positions. I doubt that Haaland will move there and waste his career like that.
Anyway that’s all for today thanks for listening to the Chelsea News Podcast with me your host Jack. If you enjoyed this then don’t forget to check out some of the other episodes. Bye!

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