Chelsea vs Malmo match review
Hello and welcome to Chelsea News with me your host Jack. In today’s episode we will be talking about the Chelsea vs Malmo game that happened on the 20th of October 2021, or last night, depending on when you hear this.
First of all, the game ended 4-0, with Chelsea comfortably winning and controlling the game. Chelsea had the majority of possession and played some nice football in the opposition’s half. This form must be replicated at a similar level of team at Norwich. Due to the amount of space and time afforded to him, Saul looked excellent. He played some lovely one two’s down the left side of the pitch with I believe Ben Chilwell and made some great runs.
The main concerns though were that of the strikers. The Malmo backline were very aggressive, and whilst this turned into two penalties for the Blues, both of our starting strikers got injured. Timo Werner came off for a hamstring injury I believe and Lukaku had an ankle injury. This has caused a massive problem as they are Chelsea’s only two natural strikers. Chelsea are lucky that we have such a special talent in Kai Havertz who can play anywhere across the forward line. Chelsea will have to play him as their main striker again, which was what happened in the Champions League final. All we can do is hope that Chelsea’s two strikers can get back to full fitness before the game against Norwich.
Ngolo Kante looked rather shaky today compared to his lofty standards, which was obviously seen by Thomas Tuchel as he was brought off of the pitch for Atletico Madrid loanee Saul.
Antonio Rudiger today was excellent and seemed to have a particular eye for goal today. His dribble into the penalty box won Chelsea one of their two penalties, both of which were converted by Jorginho.
Andreas Christensen was great today, scoring Chelsea’s first goal of the night and being very defensively sound. His defensive counterpart, Tiago Silva was equally impressive today, with his signature passes as brilliant as ever from the 37 year old, getting an assist in the process.
When Havertz was playing as striker, he was brilliant, even scoring in the 48th minute. If Lukaku and Werner are injured for the next game against Norwich, long may Havertz’ goalscoring form continue.
Anyways, that is all for todays episode, thanks for listening, I hope you enjoyed, and if you did, don’t forget to tune in for the next episode!

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