Chelsea News-Do Chelsea Football Club know how to use Romelu Lukaku?
Hello and welcome to the Chelsea News Podcast with me your host Jack. In this episode we will be talking about wether Chelsea Football Club know how to use their new 100 million euro striker Romelu Lukaku
The latest commenter on this has been Lukaku’s former manager, who, it is fair to say, has been Lukaku’s greatest manager, helping him to achieve some amazing goalscoring feats in Italy under him. It was because of these outrageous goalscoring displays that Chelsea Football Club opted to purchase him for the club record fee of 100 million. It is fair to say that he started well, with a goal on his debut against London rivals Arsenal football club in a 2-0 win. But since then, his form has been dropping and fingers are starting to be pointed at Chelsea’s champions league winning manager Thomas Tuchel. Tuchel has been roundly praised during his time in London, after taking an underperforming side languishing in 10th at the start of his reign into a Champions League winning machine, conceding only one goal in the competition whilst also finishing 4th in the English Premier League from a grim position when he joined. So you would think that no questions could be asked of his tactical astuteness and ability to understand and adapt his tactics in order to incorporate other players. That isn’t how the world of football works. The constant merrygoround of seemingly god like praise of a manager before then destroying him for not always living up to that. I believe that it will take some time for Tuchel to learn how Lukaku plays. He was a signing, in my eyes, to guarantee us goals. In the games we play now, we no longer have to rely on perfect team goals like Manchester City in order to get us to win games. Now we have that one clinical striker up front that can put the ball in the back of the net even in difficult situations. Think of Drogba or Diego Costa.
The way that Chelsea Football Club are using Romelu Lukaku right now is as a target man. I’m not saying that this is completely out of the question even in the next couple of years, but the position we saw Romelu Lukaku frlourish in at Inter Milan was that of a striker that likes to drop deep and involve with the play and make great attacking runs forward. At Chelsea he has been the big person to play the ball off of and attack from.
To be quite honest, Im not sure how Tuchel fits him in like that now. He could possibly use Timo Werner as that Lautaro Martinez player, the little man to play off of him. But until quite recently, it was all up in the air. That was until, his former manager broke the silence. He came out and said that he thinks that Chelsea Football club are using Romelu Lukaku wrong. His precise words were "He is a very specific striker. Bringing Lukaku into the box, he is dangerous. However, when he starts from midfield, he is incredibly quick. "It is very difficult to find a player who is both a target man but can also run from midfield."
This has been met with a mixed reaction from the Chelsea faithful. Some have called for Tuchel to listen to the ex-Chelsea manager for how to get the best out of his 100 million euro striker, whilst others have called for Conte to stop bragging about how he can use Lukaku, and for Tuchel to use Lukaku in his own way.
That is the situation with Romelu Lukaku. Make your decision over how you think he should be used. Thanks for listening to the Chelsea News Podcast with me, your host Jack Rigby.

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