Why Felix won’t stay at Chelsea!

Hello and welcome to the Chelsea News Podcast with me your host Jack and in todays episode we will be talking about Atletico Madrid loanee Joao Felix and how he (probably) won’t stay at Chelsea beyond his loan move this January. This is written before his first game for Chelsea (by about 30 minutes) so as of right now i have no information regarding how his first game at the club went, and this podcast could be easily wrecked by him performing absolutely terribly and the club wanting rid of him anyway as they did with Atletico loanee Saul Niguez. This will be somewhat sorter of a podcast, as i wanted to get this out before the game started. And with no further ado, lets get into it!

As we all know by now, after a high profile fallout with current manager Diego Simeone, Joao Felix has been forced out on loan away from his club and has now ended up at Chelsea. The player has been in talks with many of the biggest clubs in Europe, with all of them seeing the promise of the young Portuguese attacker that warranted the 120 million pound move to the Wanda Metropolitano in the first place. He is one of the biggest names in Europe and has a massive amount of ability and will definitely attract even more eyes onto the Blues as people come to watch his skill and trickery.

And so, the reason why i think that Joao Felix will not stay at Chelsea beyond this summer is because Atletico manager Diego Simeone is stepping down from the club in the summer, ending his long and prosperous time at the Madrid team. This is significant because it was Simeone whom Felix had his issues as oppose to the club itself and his leaving could mean that Joao Felix returns to his club after the summer to find a new manager. This could be the case because there is no sign of an option or obligation to buy anywhere in his contract, which could signal that he isn’t looking to sign here in the longer term, with Madrid being his true focus.

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