Newcastle United targeting Timo Werner
Hello and welcome to Chelsea News with me your host Jack Rigby. In today’s episode of Chelsea News we will be talking about the potential transfer of Timo Werner to the new richest club in the world, Newcastle United.
First of all, if you didn’t know, then Newcastle United are now the richest club in the world, after being purchased by the Saudi Arabia Public Investment Fund. The PIF are officially the richest owners on the planet. And in order to try and compete with Manchester City, who are owned by Sheik Mansour of the United Arab emirates. So now everyone is linking out of favour players at their clubs with the club. Chelsea’s talented, out of favour German Striker Timo Werner, who is on the periphery after Belgian Striker Romelu Lukaku arrived from Inter Milan. Timo Werner has largely been on the bench since his arrival, and unless something changes, it look like the exit door may ne the most realistic thing for Werner if he wants to get some more minutes.
So now, Newcastle United, the team who are seemingly going to be the biggest spenders in the league, are going after him, as well as a plethora of other players. But the question is, do we sell him. I realise that he is out of favour at Stamford Bridge, but he can be absolutely amazing when he is on form. He has been infamous for missing some clear chances and seemingly only scoring offside goals, but let’s not forget, he started last season as Chelsea’s main striker and got over 20 combined goals and assists. He can be so crucial to how Chelsea play sometimes, and it would be frustrating to see such a talented young Chelsea player leave.
Anyway, that’s all that I wanted to say for today. So signing off, thanks for listening to Chelsea News with me your host Jack Rigby.

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