Hello and welcome to the Chelsea News Podcast with me your host Jack and in todays episode we will be talking about how Connor Gallagher is being set to stay at Chelsea Football Club this year, which is an amazing boost for the club.

Connor Gallagher is set to stay at Chelsea next year, which is a massive boost to the club as he has shown amazing form previously at both Crystal Palace last year and West Brom previously. Thomas Tuchel is said to really like the English midfielder and is said to want to integrate him with the current Chelsea cohort.

In my eyes at least I believe that Gallagher is an amazing player and of course he should be around the Chelsea first team and I think that he can have a lot to learn from being in and around the Chelsea squad with the players we have, in particular N’Golo Kante. Kante is the best holding midfield player in world football and if his game style can rub off even slightly onto Gallaghers already developed style, then Chelsea will have an amazing player on their hands going into future years. And at only 22 he is also a player for the future going forward as you could feasibly see him being able to play in the Chelsea first team should he continue his Crystal Palace form for another 10 years which truly shows his amazing quality that at this young age he will be capable of that. 

He joins Mason Mount and Reece James in this category of superstar youngsters who came out of Chelsea’s very own Cobham academy which is one of the best, if not the best at what it does in the world thanks to the generous funding put into it by former owner Roman Abramovic.

I don’t believe personally that Gallagher should be starting every game just yet this season, but still a considerable amount. Whilst he was superb at the start of the season for Crystal Palace, he has a lot of work and growing to do to start every game in the chelsea first team although I believe he is more than capable of it.

But what do you think? This has been the Chelsea News Podcast with me your host Jack and we talked about Connor Gallagher staying at Chelsea Football Club. Thank you for listening, goodbye!

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