Frank Lampard appointment shows lack of intention by the club
Hello and welcome to the Chelsea News podcast with me your host jack and in todays episode we will be talking about what Frank Lampard joining the club as interim manager will mean for Chelsea in both the long and short term.
First and foremost, I’m not a fan of this appointment of Frank Lampard and I’m going to get that out of the way extremely quickly. I think that it shows a distinct lack of ambition for the club and essentially writes off a majority of the season due to the fact that realistically as a manager Frank Lampard does not have the skill set to be able to beat an absolute giant of a team like Real Madrid. Madrid have more than likely the best team in the world at present, with world class players in virtually every position and a seasoned winner in Carlo Ancelloti at the helm who has them dominating every team they play against. You may look at the recent Villarreal result and question this, but if that is your stance, your memory is unbelievably short and everybody forgets about the absolute embarrassment that they inflicted upon Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool side only recently. And with an inexperienced manager in Frank Lampard at the helm and a squad that needs a manager who knows how to gel them together this match could be an absolutely painful affair for fans of the Blues this Saturday.
We have seen that Lampard is tactically inept both during his spells at both Everton and previously at Chelsea, trying to attack and go forward but struggling at the back and conceding goals at a rate that isn’t sustainable for a football team that wants to achieve anything in the game. And even that he is seemingly failing at now. During the game against Wolves earlier this week, it was shown that really nothing has progressed from Graham Potter in respects to the performance. Chelsea created a good amount of shots yes but were not clinical in front of goal, something typical of the frustrating Potter regime and ultimately lost the game as a result of a good god from Matheus Nunez.
I feel as though the team have gone backwards to a certain degree and the sacking of Potter with no guaranteed replacement was a foolish decision by the owner as it shows a clear lack of vision on their behalf. Chelsea should have either stuck with Potter as things were somewhat improving or they sever ties and go out and get one of the best managers in world football. A real titan of the managerial world. A Julien Nagelsmann, a Luis Enrique or someone of that calibre. But alas, Chelsea did no such thing, simply turning to an Everton reject to guide the club to the end of the season.
Yes of course this appointment is only temporary, with Frank coming on a 2 month deal and being there to simply see out the season until a new manager is appointed, and yes, hopefully he will bring back the good feeling around the club that was so lost under graham potter where many Chelsea fans felt disillusioned with the club as whole. But really I’m more disappointed with this as it shows a lack of vision and future planning from the clubs hierarchy. Abramovic gave the team no end of top class managers from the likes of Ancelloti, Mourinho, Tuchel, Conte and many more and so far Boehly has given us a mid table Brighton manager and a failed relegation battler in Frank Lampard.
Honestly, I hope we can find a manager who can take us forward as a team and bring back the good times at the club once more. We need to find a true project manager who can stay at the club for a long time and ensure success at the club and take us away from the mid table mediocrity that we currently languish in.
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