Mattias De Ligt or Jules Kounde?
Hello and welcome to Chelsea News with me your host Jack. In today’s episode we will be talking about Chelsea potentially being set to go in for a transfer for Juventus defender Mattias De Ligt.
The Juventus defender has been attracting interest from many clubs across Europe. De Ligt has been a very high profile defender since his late teens, after captaining Ajax to the Champions League Semi finals at only age 18. It took him roughly a year to get settled in at Turin, and since then, he has been great.
Personally, I don’t think Chelsea should go in for De Ligt, as his price will most likely be too high due to the pedrigree that comes with coming from Juventus. I believe that Chelsea should look for other targets, such as Sevilla defender Jules Kounde, who may be up to 50 million euros cheaper than De Ligt. Kounde has been superb at Sevilla and was strongly linked to Chelsea last summer. Last summer, it was a surprise that Chelsea did not sign Kounde in truth, after Sevilla raised their price for the Frenchman after seeing Chelsea’s sale of French compatriot Kurt Zouma to West Ham. Chelsea held firm on their final offer of 50 million, and so negotiations broke down with Sevilla.
De Ligt would be a great signing if Chelsea could get him, but overall i believe that Jules Kounde is the ideal target for Chelsea. De Ligt is set to cost over 100 million euros, which would make him the Blue’s biggest signing. Jules Kounde is set to only cost 50 million, which is half the price for effectively the same quality of player.
De Ligt is seemingly the bigger superstar bigger name player of the two but with that comes a larger price tag. What do you think?
Anyways, that’s the end of todays episode of Chelsea news with me your host Jack. Bye!

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