Hello and welcome to the Chelsea news podcast with me your host jack and in todays episode we will be talking about the transfer that is being touted of potentially Joao Felix making his loan move to Chelsea permanent from Atletico Madrid. 

This is a transfer that has been talked about quite a lot in respects to Chelsea Football Club as he has more than likely been one of if not definitely our best player I believe since January, certainly up there with Enzo Fernandez. He is a creative spark and drives forwards up the pitch and is able to make things happen from nowhere. I think that in all honesty, he is the type of player that I was expectinbg that we had signed in Mudryk. He is probably the player that is the most like our previous star player Eden Hazard in the way that he can just turn on his amazing skills and dribble past players. 

The major drawback with signing a player like him however is that he will be costly. A fee somewhere in the region of 100 million pounds is reportedly beinbg quoted and unless Chelsea can find a way to shift a good chunk of the unused players in this squad, then I see no way that the club can pull this off without breaching Financial Fair Play Rules. This is with Chelsea most likely going to be dumped out of the Champions League after that 2-0 loss vs Real Madrid in the First Leg and with the lack of qualification that brings significantly less funds to the club. The Champions League qualification rights are extremely lucrative and missing out on this from being knocked out and not finishing in the top4 in the Premier League will bring with it financial consequences. Chelsea look to be willing to sell Mason Mount and Connor Gallagher in order to finance this sale as both are young academy stars on the fringes of the team that could generate a good chunk of cash for the blues. Gallagher is reportedly wanted by lots of the smaller clubs in the Premier League for a fee of about 40 million pounds and personally I think this is a fair fee for him and many of the clubs in the Premier League could certainly do a lot worse than to sign a Premier League proven player for a fee like that. Mason Mount however is the one that has garnered the most interest. He has had an off season this year and after that reportedly Chelsea are willing to cut ties with the academy man for 70 million. Mount has one year left on his contract but reportedly a number of suitors are willing to go to a bidding war for the Chelsea boy. Bayern Munich, Liverpool, Manchester City and Manchester United all seem to be interested and with all of these superclubs circling the youngster, perhaps that can help drive up the price. 

But is it worth it? By doing this we would get rid of two fan favourite academy players to bring in someone who wasn’t ready to commit to having a buy option inside of his loan deal in January. Well, personally I feel as though Chelsea are simply, in this deal to sell these two, simply replacing two deadwood players with a better quality alternative. Chelsea need to cut down on their squad size after reports have come out that players are having to sit on the floor and in corridors in team meetings because of the sheer quantity of players that they have at the club. So a trimming of the squad is certainly in order. Chelsea must clear out those who don’t make it into the team or even really get off the bench. This includes players like these two, Chistian Pulisic, Hakim Ziyech, Aubameyang and many more. Chelsea NEED to fix this bloated squad now.

Players need to leave the club and Chelsea just need to cut their losses right now. And this isn’t me saying the whole senior squad should go as I think that experience is important but I think that we need to find the right balance between the two in respects to making a squad that are able to learn off of one another and keep each other hungry and driven for success. There are only a few players at the club right now that know what it is like to be at Chelsea, what we expect as a club. We expect a team of winners who will go out there and fight for the badge. A team who will play for the club and give their all. And so I think we should keep some players at the club despite other people thinking that they need to be gone. The players like Azpi and others who are the last semblance of winners that we have at this club. The average age at the club is extremely low and some weren’t even playing professional football when Chelsea last won a Premier League. 

So a balance must be found. That’s all for todays episode of the Chelsea News podcast I’ve been your host jack if you enjoyed please don’t forget to hit the like button, subscribe and check out some of my other content as that helps me massively. Thank you for listening or reading this, goodbye!

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