This is the official link tree of the Chelsea News Podcast so everything on this link is the official place from which you can get the Chelsea News Podcast and everything else related to the Chelsea News Podcast.

The Instagram is where you can receive the latest updates about the Chelsea News Podcast, including upcoming videos, updates as to when videos are out and things like that. 
In case you don't want to go to the Link tree to go to the Instagram, I'll leave the link down here so that you can get to it easily, and when you do get to it, don't forget that you should follow in order to help me grow!

All of the content on the Instagram, I will also try to upload onto the website onto the updates section should you be interested.
With no further ado, here is the Instagram link:

Obviously the website doesn't need linking on here as you are already, if you are reading this, on it. 

Next up is the YouTube. This is where the actual content is posted or where i post the podcasts in their best form on YouTube. This is where the Podcast started and where it is primarily built upon. The best way you can support us is to subscribe to the YouTube channel and watch the videos all the way to the end as it helps us to grow on the platform as interaction such as this helps with the YouTube algorithm. 
This is the YouTube link, any support you could give would be much appreciated:

Next up is my Spotify, which is also one of the primary places for me to grow and one of the places for me to put all of my content onto. The problem is growing on Spotify, and any traction I can get on my Spotify account is appreciated as I have learnt that the best way to grow on Spotify as a podcast creator is to get viewers to come from other platforms such as promoting it from a website or from a LinkTree as I currently am attempting to do.  Hopefully this will allow me to grow my platform on there as I am currently posting all of my Podcasts on there as another way to listen to the Chelsea News Podcast. And whilst this isn't my primary method of Podcasting as of right now, any help towards listening to it and helping it grow is much appreciated. 

Finally we have the second YouTube channel and in the second Youtube channel i have slightly different types of videos in terms of it being the same videos as were posted on the main channel but with a different spin. They are either shorter videos, old videos cut up into smaller more manageable peices, or they are longer form videos as a combination of many such as like merging related videos or videos up to a certain point, almost an experimental type of channel with my content to see what works.

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